Tuesday, September 22, 2009


The speculation is rife that there are good number of contenders for the chief minister’s post that had fallen vacant following the death of YSR. The names in circulation are that of jaipal Reddy,D Srinivas, Keshava Rao and V Hanumantha Rao. Though Jaipal Reddy is a powerful orator and matured person with clean track record, he does not enjoy any public support. It will be uphill task for him to do justice to the post even with the support of party high command. The rest do not seem to have neither the caliber nor the public appeal to occupy the coveted post. The future of congress party depends upon Sonia Gandhi in selecting a suitable boy to step into the shoes of YSR who had acquired a larger than life image. The incumbent has to contain the factions within the party besides facing a strong and spirited opposition headed by formidable Chandra babu Naidu. Let’s hope that the state will not be thrown into throes of uncertainty.

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