Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Obama on Gandhi

US president Barack Obama paid handsome tributes to our FATHER OF THE NATION- mahatma Gandhi. Obama is a cult figure of the present generation and his eulogy on Gandhi will make the younger generation curious and enthusiastic to know about the legendary man. It is worth remembering what S Radha Krishnan said on 2nd October 1939, honouring the Mahatma on his 70 th birthday. Quote the greatness of Gandhi is more in his holy living than in his heroic struggles, in his insistence on the creative power of the soul and it’s life-giving quality at a time when the destructive forces seem to be in the ascendant- unquote . Gandhiji impacted the lives of many great people. His life gave courage and inspiration to so many world leaders to launch agitations and struggles with the gun of non violence. It is ironical that when the rest of the world is paying glowing tributes to Mahatma, we have some leaders like Mayawaty amidst us who have the gumption to decry him. After all it requires a measure of greatness to recognize and appreciate greatness.

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