Tuesday, September 22, 2009

orderly system

The abolition of orderly system is a salutary move by the government which will boost the morale of the police staff down the line. It is reported that police officers are resenting the government’s move. The argument that the orderly system is not abolished anywhere else in the country does not hold water. We can as well set a good example and others can follow suit. Police constables are selected on the basis of fitness and certain physical standards amidst stiff competition. The crux is that these skilled people should not be wasted as domestic help at the residences of police officers taking the orders from madams. If the job entails certain privileges to police officers, no body grudges that but a separate category of peons, servants, cooks can be recruited. It is true that the practice of using (misusing) staff at residences prevails in other cadres also and sooner than later these British legacies are to be stopped.

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