Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The political air in the state is abuzz with pre-poll alliances. The talks are on amongst various political parties who indeed make strange bed fellows. The TDP is trying to hitch up with TRS. The TRS is making efforts to forge a pact with CPI, conveniently ignoring the latter’s stand on formation of smaller states. What is disheartening is, there is no positive attitude on the part of any of these political parties. The main focus of any party should revolve around – upliftment of poor,development of the state, health, education,employment,price control etc. But, sadly the single point agenda of all these parties is to defeat congress. In the meanwhile a call is given to all the parties to unite to defeat congress. This reveals the strength of congress vis-à-vis the weaknesses of other parties, as no one including TDP is willing to take congress head on. Simply blind hatred against congress can not ensure victory in the elections.

Mr.Naidu is evidently desperate and trying every trick in the trade to keep his flock together and also to remain afloat and relevant. All his utterances and actions smack of
Utter despondency. Suddenly he seems to have discovered the pride of so called Nandamuri clan. In any case he is not the inheritor of NTR legacy since NTR disowned him and he in turn kept the kin of NTR at bay as long as he was at the helm of affairs of the state. In a state of panic he had roped in Balakrishna, Jr NTR, Kalyan ram and Tarak Ratna. Out of this lot only Jr NTR is popular. Balakrishna is past his prime while the other two are greenhorns with hardly any hits to their credit. Naidu being a shrewd politician is aware of this, but he can not pick up only NTR as it will upset the family cart.
It is a package deal: if you want NTR take him with other two or sorry. If Naidu is so keen on reviving NTR spirit, let him hand over the gaddi to Hari Krishna who had proved himself to be a loyal driver in the past.
KCR had hobnobbed with BJP. Now , he is making overtures to CPI. He had not learnt any lessons from his recent experience where the electorate made him eat dust.
BJP is sure of not getting even a single seat, thanks to the wrong strategies pursued by them. In Andhra they can not hope for any seats because of their stand on Telangana,
In Telangana they will draw a blank because of the presence of more active players in the fray. The party is suffering from bankruptcy of effective leadership at the top in the state
THE Communists have got used to back seat driving . they can not win anything on their own. So invariably they tie up with others only to ditch them later with out any qualms.
Now a campaign is on to see that Chiranjivi’s PRP also joins the bandwagon of “bury congress”. It will be suicidal for the new-born to align or go anywhere near TDP,
Since TDP is a regional party and Naidu wants to be C.M at any cost and he will not share it with anybody. However, it is not the story with congress. In a worst case scenario, they may forego the state to retain power at centre by letting in Chiranjivi,though it is a far fetched prospect as of now. The PRP had acquired a good image by not indulging in any mudslinging.
All in all the ensuing elections are likely to bring new “stars” on to the political horizon while it could be end of road for old horses.