Tuesday, September 22, 2009

judge's elevation to supreme court

The alacrity with which the legal luminaries like Shanti Bhushan,Fali Nariman,Ram jethmalani and others have reacted to the issue of proposed elevation of the chief justice of Karnataka high court to supreme court against the backdrop of allegations of illegal wealth reflects the growing concern and consternation of public and the intelligentsia against corruption in public life. The allegations of corruption are made by the members of bar of Madras High court. The supreme court bar association and the High court bar association, Delhi have issued a joint statement in this context calling for more transparency in promotion of judges . considering the standing and credibility of the legal experts and the various associations of legal fraternity, a thorough enquiry needs to be conducted immediately , whether promotion or no promotion. What is considered not good for Supreme court can not be good for High court also , unless there are two different standards of morality , one for High courts and the other for Supreme court.

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