Tuesday, September 22, 2009

sir Arthur Cotton and Nizam

The TRS leader KCR’s comparison of Nizam to Sir Arthur Cotton shows his prejudiced mindset and lopsided thinking. There is no similarity between the two. Sir Arthur Cotton built the Dowleswaram barrage at Rajahmundry, a monument in civil engineering which lasted so many years and benefitted crores of people by providing massive irrigation facilities. Cotton’s contribution is monumental, though he was a foreigner. On the other hand, Nizam was a dictator, who neglected the development of the state and indulged in self enjoyment and aggrandizement. The present plight of Telangana’s under development is a stark testimony to the neglect heaped by Nizam. The slavish mentality exhibited by Rao had kept people as mute spectators to the atrocities committed by Nizam and his men. Till the very end, Nizam tried to merge Hyderabad in Pakistan and it is due to diligence and dynamism of Sardar Patel that Hyderabad is in India. If at all any development was there during Nizam’s rule, it was incidental, but the damage to development and psyche of people was colossal. It is clear that Rao had not learnt any lessons from the electoral results and continues to stoke regional feelings.

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