Thursday, December 4, 2008

Mumbai Carnage

Where is that joker Raj Thackery who claims monopoly on Mumbai? May be he is hiding in the house sipping beer and watching tamasha on T.vA Patil or two quitting is no big deal. The politicians have proved themselves to be worse than terrorists. Quitting posts owning moral responsibility is a drama. They must be made accountable and should answer for their callousness, indifference and total failure. What did the Govt. do when they had the Intel about possibility of terrorists infiltering through the sea coast? What were the steps taken to strengthen the security in the wake of these reports? The C.M. had the audacity to take a film director to the site as though it was a picnic. He was accompanied by his son and Ram Gopal Varma.Perhaps the trio wanted to have first hand feel of post-terrorist-devastation scenario as the son is making his foray into Bollywood. All indicators are pointing towards Pak. I fail to understand why Manmohan Singh was seeking the support of ISI who happens to be the main suspect in this gory carnage. Even a school kid will tell that ISI is hostile to India and our PMs asking it to send their chief so that he can identify the co-conspirators?Sadly there is no crisis management body and nobody knows who is coordinating the whole thing. There is delay in the arrival of NSGs from Delhi since a special flight was not available. If only there were to be a centralized agency, a special flight could have been set up immediately. The fact that American CIA officials who came here to help were held up at Mumbai Airport for a whole day speaks volumes about the sad situation and lack of speed on the part of the Govt. The PMO could have directly intervened and sorted out the matter. What could have been more important than this in this hour? Perhaps the govt. was too busy in political fire-fighting exercise, gunning a Patil or a Vilasrao.First of all, no politician deserves to be given any personal security which has become more of a status symbol. It is so nauseating to see every political jerk lording over, surrounded by gunmen, paid for by our taxes. While entering politics they must accept risk as a professional hazard and die if the need be. A person who cannot freely mingle with the people and constantly fears for his life is no leader at all. We would rather lose 10 good-for-nothing politicians to an upright police constable. It’s good that one terrorist is caught alive. What happens now? After the interrogation the case will be handed over to a court and our judicial system will take years, nay, decades. The lawyers who shamelessly come forward to defend these terrorists deserve to be shot at forthwith. The human rights activists will jump into the fray shouting about the rights of terrorists, Dignity of life, amenities in prison for them and all that crap.Let the govt. tighten the belt and give 100% attention to the security issue and beef up the measures. Even 99% is not good enough. We should have special acts, special courts and special agency and maybe special ministry to combat this menace of terrorism. Let us give up our pseudo secularism and be true to ourselves. We must mobilize international support and rope in other countries; seek their expertise to annihilate terrorism. My heart goes out for those who laid down their lives for others and those innocents who lost their lives.~Vinay
December 2, 2008 9:07 AM

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