Monday, September 15, 2008

Hello Everybody!

I am told that blogs are only for celebs.I am a nobody from Hyderabad,but I am alive to our surroundings,current events and happenings.I want to share my views,my joy,my distress and I welcome your feedback.
The city heaved a collective sigh of relief as the ganesh immersion festivities passed on peacefully without any untoward incidents.The mood was gloomy following the ghastly blastings at delhi on the previous day.It appears that Hyderabadis observed self-restraint and many people remained indoors and for most part of the day,the roads remained deserted though the momentum picked up by evening.Driving to the khairtabad statue along with my son teja in the morning i felt like a VIP as the roads were absolutely free without any traffic.After a grand darshan we stopped near the rajdoot junction to eat corn and drink narial pani,which would have been impossible on any other day-what with ceaseless traffic.Congrats to police force for ensuring a smooth run.
Kudos to saina Nehwal for her marvellous performance in the Taipel badminton tournament.Looks like saina is the new chocolate girl of Indian sports(move over sania).Let us allow her to play and enjoy the game and let's not commit the mistake of creating hype- like we did for sania, killing her victory streak prematurely.The constant media glare escalates the tension and diverts the focus of the player which can adversely impact the performance.Hyderabad is proud of saina and lets hope for many more hits from her.

Chiru darbar is getting stale by the day.It is becoming difficult for his folks to sutain the tempo created in the beginining. He sadly lacks the fire and passion of NTR.Every word and deed of NTR used to reflect his thrist for social change.The rupee-2 kilo rice scheme was his brainchild ,so was the prohibition on liquor.If chiru wants to succeed its time he comes out with agenda of his own instead of skirting the issue
Bye for now.

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